Ice rink technology

Company "Šaltoji banga" represents Austrian firm "AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH &Co KG" in the Baltic States. "AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH &Co KG" is the European leader in artificial ice rinks' field. With the invention of the AST Ice Boxes (preconstructed ice rink module) artificial ice rinks have gone quick on the installation, available in various sizes and forms and suitable to be situated in required places (outdoor or indoor). This mobile ice rinks technology is ideal for multi-function sport facilities, event and exhibitions centers, optimal solution for  "the old town" or center of a city.

Through "Šaltoji banga" and "AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH &Co KG" cooperation this start-of-the-art, fast-track technology of artificial ice becomes more known in The Baltic see region and some projects have already fulfilled. Reference list of  "AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH &Co KG" company is comprised of hundreds of sold and hired ice rinks in the Europe, Asia, Russia

Company "Šaltoji banga" list of fulfilled projects in artificial ice rinks technologies is far shorter, but the largest in comparison with other Lithuanian companies:

  • artificial ice rink in the biggest shopping and recreation center in the Baltic States "AKROPOLIS" (Vilnius, Lithuania), about 1300 m2, fixed installation in concrete, split type eco-friendly freon refrigeration system in technical room, air cooling , heat recover to smelt snow and to heart concrete slab under the ice, all ice and equipment parameters under remote control through computer net, dates accumulation, analyze and storage, about 3 years nonstop function without ice defrost, recognized as more modern technical solutions in Europe. This ice rink has been designed, installed and now is serviced by company "Šaltoji banga";
  • artificial ice rink "LIDO" (Riga, Latvia), about 5000 m2, the biggest out door artificial ice rink in The Baltic States, self-fixed installation for multi - function sports facilities, rolled out and rolled up "ice mats", installed in underground shaft collection pipes (headers), underground shafts provide space for ice mats' storage during the summer months;
  • artificial ice rink (Kaliningrad, Russian), 1800 m2, outdoor, installed according mobile ice rink technology using AST Ice Boxes, mobile container type refrigeration equipment; standard set with plastic dashboard system;
  • artificial ice rink (Vilnius, Lithuania), about 900 m2, outdoor, for annual installation in "the old town" during Christmas and New Year fiesta. Company "Šaltoji banga" looks forward to beginning the dialog and then to expanding increasingly beneficial relation.